Nigeria and Interpol cooperation on extradition of escaped Binance executive gains momentum

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria is now cooperating with Interpol. Recently, on March 25, a Binance executive escaped from custody in the country. Now Interpol has received a request from the Nigerian government to extradite Anjarwalla. This was reported by the local media.

A source who provided the media with information about the escaped arrestee claims that Nigeria is now cooperating with the UK, Kenya, Interpol and the FBI on the matter. The Nigerian government intends to prosecute Anjarwalla, who is charged for money laundering.

The escape was carried out while visiting a mosque for Ramadan prayers. Anjarwalla, who holds a Kenyan and British passport, is believed to have used the former document to board a “Middle Eastern airliner”. At the same time, he gave his British passport to the security guards.

Anjarwalla and his colleague Gambaryan are accused of tax evasion. The amount listed in the case is about $35.4 million. Gambaryan is now demanding that he be released and publicly apologize for violating basic human rights.


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